The True Way of the ONA

Let us be quite clear what the Way of the ONA involves – it involves practical experience, manifest in undertaking the Grade Rituals [see the Order MS A Complete Guide to the Seven-Fold Way], and their associated tasks, as well as Aeonic Insight Roles: tasks which through direct, challenging, dangerous, experience breed personal character, self-insight, and the beginnings of Aeonic understanding. “Theoretical study” is only ever a beginning; a prelude; a mere means to inspire action in-the-world, for it is action which breeds experience, tests and creates real individual character. The Way of the ONA involves real heresy – it involves defying the norms, the laws, of the society the individual finds themselves in: it involves a quest to transcend beyond the labels, the isms, the categories, the restrictions, imposed upon us by governments, by laws, by organizations, by “ideas”. The Way of the ONA involves striving to change, to disrupt, society, other individuals, governments – any and all forms – so that by such practical presencing of the sinister, genuine sinister change and thus evolution will occur.

The Way of the ONA involves the individual working mostly unaided – with perhaps some guidance from someone who has followed the Way. That is, it is a true Left Hand Path Way, unlike nearly all other “ways”, groups, organizations, which claim to be sinister and which lyingly claim to be breeding individual enlightenment:

The LHP in its methods is non-structured. In the genuine LHP there is nothing that is not permitted – nothing that is forbidden or restricted. That is, the LHP means the individual takes sole responsibility for their actions and their quest. This makes the LHP both difficult and dangerous – its methods can be used as an excuse for anti-social behaviour as they can be used to aid the fetishes and weaknesses of some individuals as well as lead some into forbidden and illegal acts. However, the genuine Initiate of the LHP is undertaking a quest, and as such is seeking something: that is, there is a dynamic, an imperative about their actions as well as the conscious understanding and appreciation that all such actions are only a part of that quest; they are not the quest itself. This arises because the LHP Initiate is seeking mastery and self-knowledge these being implicit in such an Initiation. Accordingly, the LHP Initiate sees methods as merely methods; experience as merely experience. Both are used, learned from and then discarded.

Because of this, the LHP is by its nature ruthless – the strong of character win through, the weak go under. There are no `safety nets’ of any kind on the LHP – there is no dogma or ideology to rely on, no one to provide comfort and soften the blows, no organization, individual or `Being’ to run to when things get difficult and which will provide support and sympathy and understanding. Or which, just as importantly, takes away the responsibility of the Initiate for their deeds. (The LHP – An Analysis)

The follower of the Way of the ONA must find their own contacts; must form their own ceremonial group; must find their own “magickal partner”. That is, they must put into practice the philosophy, the ethos, of the sinister Way itself: the Way of the elite, of those strong defiant individuals who desire to exult in life and who desire to change, to evolve, to achieve more than ordinary mortals.

The Way of the ONA also and most importantly involves striving to change others, society – striving to provoke change; striving to disrupt; to presence the dark, the sinister itself. That is, it is not a reclusive Way – it is and is meant to be dangerous; it is and is meant to encourage genuine and open defiance of norms, of laws, of governments, of all those things that keep individuals in thrall and which prevent them from exulting in life and taking themselves to higher levels of existence.

As has been said and written many times, all these, and other, things make the Way of the ONA difficult. Many become interested; some may even begin to follow the Way. But few continue once difficulties arise. Individuals begin to make excuses for their failure to throw themselves, Satanically, into life, for their failure to exult – for their failure to challenge themselves in all the way they can and should and must be challenged to exult, to learn, to evolve, to inspire others.

Some of these failures indulge themselves with fantasy – too afraid for instance to do an Insight Role or take themselves to their limits in physical and moral terms. Some of these failures indulge themselves with trying to make-up their own easy “way”, cobbled together from all the theories, ideas, forms, or whatever, that they have imbibed – cobbling such a “way” together because they simply do not have the guts to be sinister in real life. Some of these failures – who have never done anything Satanic, let alone tried to follow our Way with sincerity – even begin to criticize the Way of the ONA, perhaps hoping thereby to detract attention from their failure to live in a sinister way, shouting in their childish way that “you don’t need to do such things anymore…” – especially in reference to the culling of opfers; Insight Roles, such things as the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept, and disrupting society in a practical, revolutionary, way. Some of these failures like the Satanic, the sinister, ethos – but do not have the inner strength, the sinister intent, to defy the norms, the laws, the forms, of “society”, of governments, by doing real heretical deeds – by being a genuine revolutionary, for instance.

Whatever – there are as many excuses for failing to act Satanically as there are failures. Such people, such failures, will be around for a long time yet – but the Way of the ONA, with all of the techniques and teachings and methods now fairly openly available, gives those who dare the chance to excel, to defy, to strive, to take themselves, and others, to the dark realms beyond from where Chaos, Change and evolution arise.

Anton Long




Atu XVI - War.

Abode of Gesar.

Abode of Gesar.







Maiden of Chalices.

Maiden of Chalices.

Warrior of Chalices.

Warrior of Chalices.

Warrior of Wands.

Warrior of Wands.


Atu XIII - Death.

Atu XIII - Death.

Atu VI - Lovers.

Atu VI - Lovers.



Maiden of Pentacles

Maiden of Pentacles

Warrior of Swords

Warrior of Swords

Magus of Pentacles.
Magus of Pentacles.





Magus of Chalices.

Magus of Chalices.

Atu V - Master, Atazoth

Atu V - Master - Atazoth

Atu X - Wyrd - Azanigin.

Atu X - Wyrd - Azanigin.

Maiden of Swords.

Maiden of Swords.

Atu VII - Azoth - Satanas.

Atu VII - Azoth - Satanas.




We each are equally near and equally dear to the center of Creation. Each of us a living expression and manifestation of the Great Architect of the Universe. Therefore it is only reasonable that we are all priests and priestesses of Satan in the Acception. Each of us individually has a unique and direct relationship and experience with life, creation, and nature to be our own religious authority and need not depend on another mortal person to interpret life and our reality for us. We logically than believe in the Satanic Priesthood of all believers of the Sinister Way; and reasonably reject the imaginary priestly authority of any church or religious organization as fraudulent and a usurpation of our natural born right to think our own thoughts and govern our own selves.

Who are they, these self righteous Satanists who play the Christian game and make themselves mediators and priests of dark imaginary gods? What makes them so special that they alone can speak for and represent nature and it’s laws? It is one thing to be all equal in brotherhood and sisterhood, all with equal honorary titles; to profit off the dumb and gullible. But it is another game altogether when they hide their ulterior motives and self righteousness behind these titles, to place themselves above a princely son or royal daughter of His Infernal Majesty. We are all his children. Among us there are no titles but brother and sister, but to the profane, who are not of our blood; let them call us by whatever title; let them praise us; so long as we know among our kindred we are all of the same Imperial Blood.

Every Initiate is by nature’s law an ordained priest and priestess of Satan and represents the Acception in act and word. The officers needed to preform Satanic rituals and rites are not official titles or ranks. The are offices that every nexus member are eligible for. Every three months each nexus will elect new ritual officers from among its members, insuring that each and every member experiences each office in due time. Initiation into the Sinister Way of the WSA is an automatic ordination into the Priesthood of Satan. Entitling each initiate with the authority and power to preform its rites, degrees, and make new members for the Acception.

For guidance and mentoring each member has two sources available to them: senior members who are more experienced than them, from whom they can learn and study from. And from a more occult source: The High Priesthood of Satan.

The High Priesthood of Satan exists in the acausal Abyss. Each member has his or her own personal High Priest/ess as a teacher and guide. The High Priesthood are fragmentary manifestations of ‘Satan’ who represents the force of darkness of the acausal Abyss itself, called the Lord of Is. It is the duty and responsibility of every brother and sister to contact their personal High Priest/ess, and establish a link with them and the Acception. The following will be instructions for making this contact. Without your High Priest/ess protection, venturing into the Abyss is a danger to the mind.


First lay down and flex every muscle group in your body beginning with the toes and working your way up to your face and head. Hold the tention for as long as posible until it burns then let go and relax. This is called Rigging.

Once this is finished take a few deep breaths and imagine a large bell above your head. Ring the bell and imagine the sound and resonance bathing your body relaxing it even further. Next begin Death Breathing also called “Avayuvica”:

Avayuvica is the opposite of Mahavayuvica and is used to enter a powerful altered state of consciousness near death called Death Gnosis. It is used to enter the Stargate and the Abyss. Avayuvica is done laying down with arms crossed over the chest like a mummy.

The initiate first begins with Mahavayu breathing: the initiate uses the abdomen to breath as a billow filling his lungs with air to its maximum capacity and letting it out rapidly. This is done continuously without a pause. This oxygenates the blood and fills it with vril. This is done until the initiate becomes light headed. Then he may go into Death Breathing.

The initiate exhales, and keeps his lungs empty for as long as possible, remaining relaxed and focusing on the death point – behind the head where the skull meets the neck. When inhaling the initiate takes in air very slowly with his abdomen, just enough to satisfy the need, and lets exhales, keeping the lungs empty for as long as possible. While the lungs are empty the initiate must chant in his mind the following to link his mind to the Abyss: “Agios O Satanas Fanya Esi Kunya AOMA (Ah-Oh-Mah).” The eyes are looking up to the point between the eyebrows. After 9 chantings air is filled into the lungs and held for as long as possible. This is done 9 times.

Once the initiate has reached his Death Gnosis a screen is visualized in the minds eye. Upon that screen will be displayed 12 colors associated with a trigger upon which the initiate must use his five senses to experience:

12: Red – Apple
11: Redish Orange – a flame
10: Orange – the fruit
9: Gold – the metal
8: Yellow – Lemon
7: Green – Grass
6: Aqua – ocean water
5: Blue – the sky
4: Indigo – the night sky
3: Purple – grapes
2: Violet – the flower
1: Crystal White – Quartz crystal or mother of pearl.

Continue Death Breathing and now count backwards from 13 to 1 slowly. Visualize yourself going down a ladder with 13 rungs. Go down this ladder and count down. Once you have reached the bottom concentrate on your heart beat, willing it to slow down. The state which this process has taken you is called the Death Gnosis. Here magic is more powerful when preformed in the mind.

Once here you must make your intention. Say the following three times with conviction: “I am invoking the force of Satan within me to manifest as my personal teacher and guide.” Here Satan is not some horned being. It is the force of Chaos of the Abyss itself, which will manifest to you as a unique manifestation. This is your High Priest/ess. Your direct link to the Prince of Darkness.

Once you have made your intention imagine a path in front of you. Follow the path. It leads to a stair case. Follow the stair case. Allow your subconscious mind to form the images itself. Follow these stairs until it leads you somewhere, usually a big empty space, or temple. Here you will see your High Priest/ess. Introduce yourself with respect, and salute the entity with the Sing of the Acception. Observe what your High Preist/ess looks like. Ask him or her for a name; then ask him or her how to invoke it next time you come to this place. Be silent and listen to whatever the High Priest/ess says to you. Thank it and salute it once again with the Sing of the Acception, and return home. Keep your first meeting short as the connection is still very weak, and information passing through that weak link can become very distorted.

Return to the stair case and make your way back to the path. Walk up the ladder then count from 1 to 12 slowly returning to normal breathing. Take a deep breath; open your eyes; and get up very slowly. The more you meet with your High Priest/ess, the stronger the connection will be. This exercise is practiced every day before going to sleep.

During your second meeting with your High Priest/ess you must test the connection and the High Priest/ess. During the second session before leaving, ask your High Priest for something. Start small and simple, since the connection is still weak. Ask for a desire you have, see it, experience what you want, feel whatever emotions you will experience when you have it. Then leave it to your High Priest/ess to make it happen.

Manifesting your will through your High Priest/ess is like tossing a note in a bottle into a river. You must let go and not hold on to it. Learn to trust your High Priest/ess, and know that it will come, and let go allowing the desire to flow with the cosmic current. You must also let go, and go with the flow as well. Life in the material plane will change; situations will bend to create optimal conditions; people will come; coincidences will happen. Write everything down and keep your eyes out for the signs given; follow your hunches; smile at people you walk by and say “hi.” Because the acausal forces works through other people who are most receptive to being influenced by its energy. If your High Priest/ess is powerful, you will get what you have asked for. If it isn’t then you must ask for a new one, because you probably got a weak manifestation.

This High Priest/ess is your teacher who will teach you of what ever magic, occult and psychic knowledge and power you desire to know. This is your guide and authority in the Sinister Way. This is your link to the Abyss; and your partner in the physical world.



The Objectives of the Acception are long term, progressive, and depends on science and Cronomorphosis – or the magic of time. Our Rites, Ceremonies, and teachings are all memes which act as biological software to guild each generation towards these Objectives. 3524

The greatest example of Cronomorphic Magic being used is in Freemasonry, which I will give here (Magic meaning the change of reality to one’s will):

300 years before republics and voting, there was Freemasonry. The internal system of Freemasonry uses a “republican” system of politics, where individual members vote for their representatives in their governing body. Within Freemasonry are three basic degrees; each degree imbued and charged with special “memes.”

A meme consists of any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, practices, habits, songs, dances and moods and terms such as race, culture, and ethnicity. Memes propagate themselves and can move through a “culture” in a manner similar to the behavior of a virus. As a unit of cultural evolution, a meme in some ways resembles a gene.

A “meme” is like a virus, but one that infects the mind. Memes are spread between two people by word of mouth, or some other method of communication such as rites and rituals, which then infects the other person’s mind. Political propaganda is a powerful example of memes in action, another is religion.

These memes in question infects the Mason’s mind with thoughts of Equality, Fraternity, and Liberty. They teach that no man is holier than any other and certainly not ordained by any God to rule over anyone with divine right… all these memes are pasted down from generation to generation through these rituals – the medium of memetic prorogation.

In this way each generation and era, has a certain group of people… usually people of power and influence… who are infected with these memes. They in turn infect those around them…

Culminating in the Revolutionary war in America… the French Revolution… and the Revolutions of South America by Simon Bolivar et al. Granted Freemasonry may not have had a direct involvement in these revolutions… but the by product of their memes did. The end result, after 300 years of cronomorphic incubation: A radically new world order, a grand experiment: where kings and popes were powerless; where the People governed themselves democratically via the republican system; where everyone was free and had rights and natural liberties, such as the liberty to pursue one’s happiness. Now nearly all countries are in some way democratic; and the old world order is dead.

Its awe inspiring to see that the thoughts, dreams, and visions, of the anonymous intelligencia who put the ritual works of Freemasonry together had such a globally powerful effect on the human race and human civilization…

Compared to this, Softcore Satanic magic seems perversely petty and insanely short sighted. We sit here and desire something, do our magic, and maybe get what we ask for. But none of us ever sit here and think about what kind of world or reality we as Satanists want our future progeny to live in… we will live out our short Satanic lives fulfilled to the brim with indulgence; then die; and leave a rotting world for our great great grand children to inherit. What if we could use “cronomorphic” magic to create a new world 300 years from now? What if we could impregnate our rituals, rites, and ceremonies with Cronomorphic Memes, and infect our members, and their children, and their children’s children? After 300 years of our Acception’s Cronomorphic Incubation, what would result?

This is the aim and objective of the WSA. It is not just empty Satanism and short sighted magic. It is an institution which has dreams, visions, and goals, which it will pass to each new generation via the most powerful form of magic known to mankind. “DOG SMILLE” is the simplified representation of our goals; which all our rites and memes must be in tune with. Each generation must be infected with the Dog Smille. With Time, all things are possible. The number of our membership does not matter. Time alone will accomplish our dreams.

DOG SMIILE is the acronym of our Objectives. DOG is our first objective formulated by the WSA. It stands for DiOvoGenesis. SMIILE stands for: Space Migration; Intelligence Increase; & Life Extension.

By Diovogenesis we mean female to female reproduction. Diovo meaning two eggs. Two eggs from two females are taken, the 23 chromosomes of one egg is injected into the other and an electrical current is introduced which will cause the merged eggs to divide and become fertilized. The children born will inherit each mother’s characteristics, and all children will be female. This will give females final and total independence from men, and will make men absolutely useless to the human species. Their utter worthlessness will cause them to rethink their own value as they have been the source of religion, politics, nations, and wars, since the dawn of humanity. A brighter future can be realized, but only when we each know our place in the order of nature.

By Space Migration we mean the colonization of space and celestial bodies. Space is the last bastion of freedom. Free from the political shit of this world, which will never go away. Space is our sanctuary of liberty, and our destiny.

By Intelligence Increase we mean merging our human brain with the computers we make into a collective network, enhancing our intelligence; which is our inevitable destiny. This process we call Cyborgation. Intelligence Increase also refers to enlightening mankind with science, and alternative belief systems which offer new biolological software for the human animal, to drown religion in a world of secularism.

By Life Extension we mean the science of extending our mortal lives so we can live longer and healthier. For now it is becoming more health aware and green. To take less man made chemicals and eat more natural foods. It will be about the study of genes in the future. The key is to understand the spindals that pulls the genetic material apart when a cell divides, as these spindals are genetically encoded to divide at a certain maximum number before they are shut down, and therefore causing old age.

A Complete Guide To The Seven-Fold Sinister Way


Introduction     The Seven-Fold Sinister Way is the name given to the system of training used by traditional Satanists. It is the practice of Satanism, by individual Satanists, and thus expresses Satanism in action.
     The Way is an individual one – each stage, of the seven stages that make the Way, is achieved by the individual as a result of their own effort. To reach a particular stage, requires considerable effort by the individual, who works mostly on their own.
     One aim of the Way is to create Satanic individuals – that is, to train individuals in the ways of Satanism. This Satanic training developes individual character, esoteric (or Occult) skills and self-insight. The individual also acquires genuine esoteric knowledge and a genuine understanding.
     The Way itself enables any individual to achieve genuine magickal Adeptship (and beyond) and thus fulfil the potential latent within them – thus they can and do enhance their life, and achieve their unique Destiny.
     The Way is essentially practical – involving experiences in the real world, and ordeals, as well as the completion of difficult, challenging tasks. It also involves a practical mastery of all forms of magick. The Way requires a sincere and genuine commitment, and it is both difficult and very dangerous. Success depends on this commitment by the individual.

     The Way is divided into seven stages, and these mark a specific level of individual achievement. The stages are: Neophyte; Initiate; External Adept; Internal Adept; Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth [ or “Lady Master”]; Grand Master/Grand Mistress [ or “Grand Lady Master”]; Immortal. Sometimes, Initiates are described, or known, as “novices”; Internal Adepts as Priest/Priestess; a Grand Master as a Magus, and a Grand Mistress as a Magistra.
     Each of these stages is associated with specific tasks, ordeals, rituals and so on, and a completion of each and all of these (given in detail below under the appropriate stage) is required before the next stage can be attempted. Also, each stage involves the individual in a certain amount of reading and study of Order manuscripts  hereafter “manuscripts” is abbreviated as MSS, and “manuscript” as MS ]. The purpose of this reading and study is to provide a Satanic understanding of the tasks, ordeals, rituals and so on of the particular stage being attempted. Each stage represents a development of and in the individual – of their personality, their skills, their understanding, their knowledge and insight.
     Before embarking on the first stage – that of Satanic Initiation – the individual who desires to follow the dark path of traditional Satanism should gain some understanding of what genuine Satanism is. To this end, the following Order MSS should be read:

    * Satanism – An Introduction For Prospective Adherents
    * The Sinister Path: An Introduction to Traditional Satanism
    * The Essence of the Sinister Path [contained in Hostia – Secret Teachings of the ONA]

I – Neophyte

     The first task of a neophyte [the word means “a beginner; a new convert”] is to obtain copies of the various Order MSS which will be needed. These are: (1) The Black Book of Satan – A Guide to Satanic Ceremonial Magick; (2) Naos – A Guide to Becoming an Adept; and (3) Hostia – The Secret Teachings of the ONA (Volumes I & II). The following MSS (contained in Hostia) should be particularly studied in order to gain an understanding of traditional Satanism and its methods: (a) Selling Water By The River; (b) Satanism – The Sinister Shadow, Revealed; (c) Guide to Black Magick; (d) Ritual MagickDure and Sedue Ceremonial. The neophyte also needs to understand the fundamental concepts of magick, such as “causal” and “acausal” and here a study of the following Order MSS is useful: (a) Chapters 0 and I of Naos; (b) Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.
     The second task of a neophyte is to undertake the “secret task” appropriate to this first stage. This task is a necessary prelude to Satanic Initiation [ the task is detailed in the MS “The Secret Tasks of the Sinister Way”, which is included as an Appendix to this present work].
     The third task of a neophyte is to undertake a ritual of Satanic Initiation. If you are in contact with a traditional Satanic group, this can be a Ceremonial ritual. If you are working alone, or the group you are in contact with suggest it, it can be a Hermetic one of “Self-Initiation”. Both of these rituals of Initiation are given in detail in the Order MS The Black Book of Satan – A Guide to Satanic Ceremonial Magick. There is no difference between a Ceremonial Initiation, and a Hermetic Self-Initiation.
     The fourth and final task of this stage involves the new Satanic Initiate in constructing and learning to play, The Star Game, details of which are given in the Order MS Naos.

II – Initiate

     1. Study the Septenary System in detail [Naos] and begin hermetic magickal workings with the septenary spheres and pathways as described in Naos. Write a personal “magickal diary” about these workings. Study and begin to use the Sinister Tarot [copies of the Sinister Tarot, and study notes, are available from the ONA].
     2. Undertake hermetic workings/rituals for specific personal desires/personal requests of your own choosing, as described in Naos. Record these, and the results, if any, in your magickal diary.
     3. Set yourself one very demanding physical goal, train and achieve or surpass that goal. [Examples of minimum standards are, for men: walking thirty-two miles in less than seven hours in hilly terrain; running twenty miles in hilly terrain in less than two and a half hours. Cycling one hundred miles in under five and a half hours. For women, the acceptable minimum standards are: walking twenty-seven miles in hilly terrain in less than seven hours; running twenty miles in hilly terrain in less than three hours; cycling one hundred miles in under six and one quarter hours.]
     4. Seek and find someone of the opposite sex to be your ‘magickal’ companion and sexual partner, and introduce this person to Satanism. Initiate them according to the rite in The Black Book of Satan. Undertake the path and sphere workings with this partner.
     5. Obtain and study the Order MS The Temple of Satan [Part II of The Deofel Quartet]. A guide to this MS is given in the MSS The Deofel Quartet – Responses and Critical Analysis; and The Deofel Quartet – A Satanic Analysis. [Note: Part I of the Deofel Quartet – Falcifer, Lord of Darkness – is intended as entertaining Satanic fiction.]
     6. Undertake an ‘Insight Role’ [see the Secret Tasks MS and the MS Insight Roles – A Guide, in Hostia.] This Insight Role is the Secret Task of this stage.
     7. After completion of your Insight Role, undertake the Grade Ritual of External Adept, given in Naos.
     The stage of Initiation can last – depending on the commitment of the Initiate – from six months to a year. Occasionally, it lasts two years.

Understanding Initiation:

     Satanic Initiation is the awakening of the darker/sinister/unconscious aspects of the psyche, and of the inner (often repressed) and latent personality/character of the Initiate. It is also a personal commitment, by the Initiate, to the path of Satanism. The dark, or sinister, energies which are used/unleashed are symbolized by the symbols/forms of the Septenary System, and these symbols are used in the workings with the septenary spheres and pathways. These magickal workings provide a controlled, ritualized, or willed, experience of these dark energies or “forces” – and this practical experience begins the process of objectifying and understanding such energies, and thus these aspects of the psyche/personality of the Initiate. The Star Game takes this process of objectification further, enabling a complete and rational understanding – divorced from conventional “moral opposites”.
     The physical goal which an Initiate must achieve developes personal qualities such as determination, self-discipline, élan. It enhances the vitality of the Initiate, and balances the inner magickal work.
     The seeking and finding of a magickal companion begins the confrontation/understanding of the anima/animus (the female/male archetypes which exist in the psyche and beyond) in a practical way, and so increases self-understanding via direct experience. It also enables further magickal work to be done, of a necessary type.
     An Insight Role developes real Satanic character in the individual; it is a severe test of the resolve, Satanic commitment and personality of the Initiate. The Grade Ritual which completes the stage of Initiation (and which leads to the next stage) is a magickal act of synthesis.

III – External Adept


     1) Organize a magickal, and Satanic, group/magickal Temple. You must recruit members for this Satanic Temple, and teach them about Satanism. With your companion (or another one if personal circumstances have changed) you must Initiate these members according to the ceremonial ritual in The Black Book of Satan as you must perform ceremonial rituals on a regular basis. In this Temple, you will be the officiating Priest/Priestess, with your partner acting as the Priestess/Priest. Regular Sunedrions should be held, as detailed in the Black Book of Satan, as you should regularly perform rituals, both hermetic and ceremonial, for the satisfaction of your own desires and those of your members. You should run this Temple for between six and eighteen months.
     2) Train for and undertake all three of the following different and demanding physical tasks – the minimum standards (for men) are: (a) walking thirty-two miles, in hilly terrain, in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 30 lbs; (b) running twenty-six miles in four hours; (c) cycling two hundred or more miles in twelve hours. [Those who have already achieved such goals in such activities should set themselves more demanding goals. For women, the minimum acceptable standards are: (a) walking twenty-seven miles in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 15 lbs. (b) running twenty-six miles in four and a half hours; (c) cycling one hundred and seventy miles in twelve hours.]
     3. Undertake the ‘Secret Task’ as given in the Secret Tasks MS.
     4. Study, construct and learn to play the advanced form of The Star Game.
     5. Study Aeonics and the principles of Aeonic Magick, as detailed in Order MSS.
     6. Study, and if possible practice, Esoteric Chant, as detailed in Order MSS [ particularly in Naos].
     7. Study the esoteric traditions of traditional Satanism, and if so inclined [see ‘Concerning The Satanic Temple’ below] instruct your Temple members in this tradition. The tradition is contained in The Black Book of Satan; Naos; Hostia; The Deofel Quartet; Aeonic Magick and other Order MSS.
     8. Prepare for, and undertake, the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept – if necessary choosing someone to run the Satanic Temple in your absence.

Concerning The Satanic Temple:

     The Temple must be run for a minimum of six months, as you yourself must seek out, recruit, instruct and train, the members of this Temple. There must be at least four other members, excluding yourself and your companion, during these six months, as you must strive to obtain an equal balance between men and women. It is at your discretion whether or not you are honest about your intentions, and inform recruits/potential recruits that this Temple is one of your tasks as an External Adept, and that you yourself are not yet very advanced along the Satanic path. If you choose not to so inform your members, you must play the appropriate role. If you are considering keeping and expanding the Temple beyond the minimum period and into the next stage, that of Internal Adept, it is more practical to be honest from the outset. The crux is to decide whether you wish your Temple to be solely for your own External Adept purpose, or whether you want it be truely Satanic, with your members guided by you to become sincere and practising Satanists. If this latter, then you must be honest with them about your own progress along the path, and instruct them according to ONA tradition.
     After this six months is over – with four or more members and many ceremonial rituals having been performed – you may disband the Temple, if you consider sufficient experience has been gained in magick/manipulation/pleasuring. However the time limit of six months, and the minimum of four other members, must be observed, otherwise the task is not completed, and the next stage – Internal Adept – is not possible. This particular task, of an External Adept, is only complete when these minimum conditions have been met, for such conditions are essential for practical ceremonial experience to be gained.

     After these conditions have been met, you may opt to continue with, and expand, your Temple.

Understanding External Adept:

     The tasks of an External Adept develope both magickal and personal experience, and from these a real, abiding, Satanic character is formed in the individual. This character, and the understanding and skills which go with it, are the essential foundations of the next stage, that of the Internal Adept.
     The Temple enables various character roles to be directly assumed, and further developes the magickal skills, and magickal understanding, an Adept must possess. Particularly important here is skill in, and understanding of, ceremonial magick. Without this skill and understanding, Aeonic magick is not possible. The Temple also completes the experiencing of confronting, and integrating, the anima/animus.
     From the many and diverse controlled and willed experiences, a genuine self-learning arises: the beginnings of the process of “individuation”, of esoteric Adeptship. [ See the Order MS Adeptship – Its Real Meaning and Significance.]

     The stage of External Adept lasts from two to six years.

IV – Internal Adept

     The basic task of an Internal Adept is to strive to fulfil their personal Destiny – that is, to presence the dark force by acting Satanically in the real world, thus affecting others, and causing changes in accord with the sinister dialectic of change. This personal Destiny is revealed, or becomes known, before or during the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept.
     The Destiny is unique, and involves using the natural, and developed character and abilities of the individual. For some, the Destiny may be to continue with their Satanic Temple, teaching others, and guiding them in their turn along the Seven-Fold Way. For others, the Destiny may be creative, in the artistic or musical sense – presencing the sinister through new, invented and performed forms or works. For others, the Destiny may be to acquire influence and/or power, and using these to aid /produce Satanic change in accord with the sinister dialectic. For others, it may involve some heretical/adversarial or directly revolutionary or disruptive role, and thus seeking to change society. For others, the Destiny may be specific and specialized – being a warrior, or an assassin….. There are as many Destinies as there Adepts to undertake them.
     While this Destiny is unfolding, the Adept will be increasing their esoteric knowledge and experience through a study and practice of Esoteric Chant, The Star Game, Aeonic Magick. Rites such as those of the Nine Angles will be undertaken. A complete and reasoned understanding of Aeons, Civilizations and other forms will be achieved, and with it the beginnings of wisdom.
     After many years of striving to fulfil their Destiny, and after many years of experience and learning, the Adept will be propelled toward the next stage of the Way [ see the MS Mastery – Its Real Meaning and Significance; and the MS The Abyss where what occurs during Internal Adept is described.] When the time is right, the Grade Ritual of Master/Mistress will be undertaken. The time is right only after the Adept has spent years completing themselves, and their ‘self-image’, having taken themselves to and beyond their limits – physical, mental, intellectual, moral, emotional. Being genuine Adepts, they will have the insight, and the honesty, to know what experiences, and what knowledge, they lack – and accordingly will seek to undergo such experiences, and learn such knowledge.

     The stage of Internal Adept lasts from five to eleven years.

V – Master/Mistress

     The fundamental tasks of this Grade are threefold:
     1) The guiding of suitable individuals along the Seven-Fold Way, either on an individual basis, or as part of a structured Temple/group;
     2) The performance of Aeonic Magick to aid the sinister dialectic; 
     3) The creation of new forms to enhance conscious understanding and to aid the presencing of acausal/sinister forces.
    Further, and importantly, a Master/Mistress will be using their Aeonic understanding, and their skills to influence/bring about changes in the societies of their time – this is Aeonic Magick, but without “ritual”, as described in Parts III and IV of The Deofel Quartet. They will also be working to create long-term change (of centuries or more).
     Few individuals reach the stage of Master/Mistress – so far, only one to two individuals a century, out of all the genuine esoteric traditions, have gone beyond the stage of Master/Mistress to that of Grand Master/Grand Mistress.
     The stage of Master/Mistress lasts a minimum of seven years – when sufficient Aeonic works are completed/achieved, and wisdom attained, there is a moving toward the next stage, that of Grand Master/Grand Mistress.


Appendix – The Secret Tasks of the Sinister Way

     The secret tasks have remained secret for a long time by virtue of their nature – they represent genuine Satanism in action and as such often are “a-moral”. Such esoteric tasks were revealed to an Initiate by the Master, or Adept, guiding and training that Initiate.
     To understand the nature of these tasks, it is necessary for the Satanic novice to be familiar, and in agreement with, the secret teachings themselves, particularly as these relate to human sacrifice, or culling. [These teachings are contained in such Order MSS as (1) The Hard Reality of Satanism; (2) Satanism, Sacrifice and Crime; (3) Culling – A Guide to Sacrifice; (4) Guidelines for the Testing of Opfers; (5) Victims – A Sinister Expose; (6) The Practice of Evil in Context.] For a long time, the matters mentioned in the above secret MSS were transmitted only on an oral basis – it being forbidden for such teachings and practices to be written down or divulged to non-Initiates. However, as explained elsewhere, in several other MSS, this practice has now changed.
     Accordingly, this present MS will detail the secret tasks which a Satanic novice must undertake as part of their commitment to Satanism. That is, these hitherto secret tasks – like the other tasks detailed in the MS A Complete Guide to the Seven-Fold Way – are both required and necessary: mandatory if progress is to be made upon the Way. Without them, there can be no genuine achievement along the Way, for it is such tasks which develope that character and those abilities which are Satanic and which thus represent the presencing of the dark forces on Earth via the agency (or vehicle) of the individual Satanist. These secret tasks – and the other tasks – represent the way of Satan. They are Satanic. As such, they a fitting only to a minority: to those who are, or those who desire to become, Satanists. Some who profess to be ‘Satanists’ – and some who wish to become Satanists – will hear of these tasks, or read them, and be surprised, perhaps even appalled, particuarly by the tasks that involve hunting and killing animals and culling human dross. Such people will say or write such things as “Such tasks are not necessary”. By saying or writing such things such people condemn themselves as “ordinary” and weak, as they will show they lack the demonic desire, the hardness, the toughness, the darkness which all genuine Satanic novices possess or must develope. Satanism is at it is – dark, and dangerous, and full of diabolic ecstasies and diabolic triumphs over the “ordinary”, the mundane and those who would keep everyone in servitude and thrall. So it is, so has it been, and so shall it continue to be – to enable evolution, to create what must be created, while the fearful majorities in their sloth, delusions and ignorance continue their morbid, Nazarene-like, sub-human existence.
     As has been stated many times, genuine Satanism requires commitment – it requires self-effort, by the novice, over a period of years. It involves genuine ordeals, the achievement of difficult goals, the participation in pleasures, and the living of life in certain ways. Only thus are self-insight and genuine Occult ability born – only thus is a genuine Adept created.


     Before Initiation – and after undertaking the first task of a neophyte as given in the Guide – undertake the following task:

     * Find an area where game is plentiful and, equipping yourself with either a cross-bow or an ordinary bow (a longbow) hunt/stalk some suitable game, and make a kill. Skin and prepare this game yourself (if necessary – for example, a pheasant – ‘hanging’ the game until it is ready). When prepared and ready, cook and eat this game.
     “Game” in this context means wild edible birds or animals such as venison, hare, rabbit, partridge, pheasant, wildfowl. For this task, you are undertaking the role of hunter, using primitive weapons. (Guns cannot be used for this task.) After completing this hunting task, either undertake the next task as given below – which is not obligatory – or repeat the task above, choosing a different type of game.

    * Obtain from a Nazarene place of worship some ‘hosts’ as used in their perverse and sordid rituals. If you are seeking Initiation into an established ceremonial group/Temple, this will probably be your task of fidelity to that group/Temple, with the hosts being used in the celebration of The Black Mass. If however you are undertaking a Self-Initiation (as given in The Black Book of Satan) then immediately following that rite of Self-Initiation you should trample on or otherwise defile these ‘hosts’ (e.g. by urinating on them) saying as you do so the following: “By this deed I pledge myself to counter Nazarene filth, and give myself, body, blood and soul, to Satan, Prince of Darkness.” You should then burn the hosts or what remains of them by placing them in a vessel containing flammable liquid and setting this alight, laughing as the burning seals your gesture and your oath.


     After the rite or ceremony of your Initiation, and following the completion of the tasks as given in the Guide, you should choose and undertake, for between six to eighteen months, an Insight Role [see the MS Insight Roles – A Guide].

External Adept:

     The following two tasks must both be undertaken successfully.

     1) With your Temple formed as one of your External Adept tasks – see the Guide – perform a Black Mass using hosts obtained by one of the newer members of this Temple, or obtained by a candidate seeking Initiation.
     2) Train several members, and yourself, in the undertaking of the tests relevant to choosing an opfer – a human sacrifice. Select some suitable victims, using Satanic guidelines for so selecting a victim, and undertake the relevant tests on each chosen victim. The victim or victims having been so chosen by failing such tests, perform The Death Ritual with the intent of eliminating by magickal means the chosen victim(s). Thereafter, and having completed all the necessary preparations, select a further victim using Aeonics or sinister strategy as a guide, and undertake a culling by disposing of the victim either during a suitable rite (e.g. The Ceremony of Recalling) or via practical means (e.g. assassination). You may elect to do this practical means yourself, or you may choose a trusted suitable member of your Temple to undertake this for the glory of the Temple. If you have elected for practical means, have your Temple undertake The Death Ritual at the chosen time.
     It must be stressed that (i) the victim(s) must be chosen according to Satanic principles as given in the appropriate Order MSS; (ii) those so chosen must be tested according to Satanic principles as given in the appropriate Order MSS. Furthermore, the victims can be chosen either by you, or suggested by a member of your Temple, if those members are following the Satanic path in a committed way.
Beyond External Adept, there are no secret tasks of a prescribed nature, for those following the sinister path to undertake.


– Order of Nine Angles –



SATAN IIIOfficial ONA Version (Anton Long)

year of fire 101 era horrificus



I. The Sinister Calling
II. The Black Mass of Life
III. Synestry: A Sinister Ceremony
IV. The Rite of the Nine Angles
V. The Ceremony of Recalling
I. The Nine Angles – Esoteric Meanings
II. The Secrets of the Nine Angles
III. Chants

Wyrd non est aliud, quam halitus
aquae, terraeque, solis calore
exacte attenuatus et coctus, a
frigore secutae noctis in unum
coactus, densatusque . . .


The aim of the following ceremonial ritual can be either (a) returning to Earth those 'negative, chaotic, sinister' forms/energies dark legend knows as 'The Dark Gods';(b) drawing forth from acausal dimensions chaotic energies, directed towards a specific goal/aim/intent or channeled into a particular individual(s)/group/temporal form. The main difference between the two is that in (a) the forms/energies are left to disperse/create conditions according to their nature. If insufficient preparation/desire is present within those performing this Calling, (b) can become (a) - sometimes to the detriment of those Calling. The rite of the Sinister Calling is a traditional ritual -perhaps the most sinister ritual that exists. The rite assumes willing Sacrifice.

An isolated hill top, sunset, with Saturn rising - or a sinister Temple/cave.

Master of the Temple - purple robes
Mistress of Earth - purple robes
Priestess - naked, upon altar
Priest - black robe, tied with white cord/girdle
Congregation - black robes
Guardian of the Temple - black robes with face mask


1) Seven days before the rite, the congregation assemble in the dwelling of the Master or Mistress. Here they stay until the rite is complete. During the seven days they are forbidden to speak, wear only ceremonial robes, will abstain from intoxicating drinks and sexual pleasures and eat no meat (this is a 'Black Fast'). During the hours of darkness no lights except black candles are to be lit and at sunset on each day they gather in the Temple to chant the Diabolus nine times. During the seven days no contact with outsiders is allowed, and no music or intrusive sound, save for the Diabolus and the Atazoth chant is to be heard. Both the dwelling and the Temple is to be incensed with Saturnian incense. According to tradition, the robes worn will contain a hood/cowl which is to be worn during the hours of daylight, these hours being taken up with walking within the dwelling grounds (or a suitable, isolated location nearby) for at least three hours together with such diversions as the Master or Mistress will arrange. (Note: These diversions - which in recent times include playing the Star Game - are so chosen so as not to destroy the black tranquility of the fast.) In the past they have included study of alchemical MSS, silent Tarot readings (using sign language/drawn symbols for the reader to express meanings) and practice in performing esoteric chant (Diabolus/Atazoth chant - fourth/fifths and so on), this latter in the Temple if the Calling is to be performed there.

2) The Temple is prepared seven days before the rite (this applies to the site chosen - which should thereafter be guarded by appropriate energy). This consists of the Master and Mistress incensing the area with Saturnian incense while chanting seven times the 'Sanctus Satanas'. They then unite in sexual union, the Mistress visualizing the nexion to the Dark Gods as being gradually opened, though remaining partly closed.

One planetary hour before the Calling begins on the seventh day, the Temple/outdoor area is made ready by an Initiate chosen for this task. A black cloth is laid on the altar and seven black candles placed upon it and lit. A large quartz crystal is placed in the centre of the Temple, on an oak (or wooden) stand. (Note: It enhances the energies if this crystal is shaped as a tetrahedron. Whatever the shape the crystal should be as large as possible.) The Master brings the Sacrificial knife. An image of Baphomet according to sinister tradition (for example, Atu III of the Sinister Tarot) may be present in the Temple but no other artifacts, furnishings, signs or symbols.

The congregation et al gather outside the Temple, robed as described, and are led into the Temple by the (naked) Priestess at the beginning of the Rite.

3) As the Congregation assemble on the seventh day before the Rite (they will have been informed some time before by the Master or Mistress of the date of the Calling, its purpose and intent being explained) lots are drawn to decide which man among them will be chosen. The one chosen by the drawing of lots is free to then accept or decline the honour. If this honour is declined, another lot is held, and the one so chosen may also decline. After this a further lot is held, the result of which is binding. The Opfer so chosen by lot is then led by the Guardian(s) to a secure, secluded place and resides there until the Calling begins. Each night and in this place, the Opfer receives the Priestess for the length of one planetary hour, the Priestess being chosen from among the Temple to be at this period capable of conception. If the Master or Mistress so desire, another lady in addition to the Priestess may be chosen and received by the Opfer during the days before the Rite, and lead him to the Temple for the Calling.

The Rite:

The congregation precess into the Temple, led by the Priestess who is assisted onto the altar by the Mistress. The congregation gather in a semi-circle before the altar, the Guardian(s) holding the Opfer by the entrance. The Mistress greets the Master with a kiss, saying: 'To you it is fitting, Master, to speak to our gods for these many. With your own eyes see how we seekers of darkness await this calling forth of our gods!'

The Mistress gestures with her hands, and the congregation remove their hoods/cowls. She says: 'So shall we rejoicing dance!' The congregation begin to dance counter-sunwise around the altar chanting "Binan ath ga wath am".

The Master lays the S.Knife on the womb of the Priestess while the Mistress places her hands on the crystal and joins the Master in chanting the Diabolus in fourths while visualizing the nexion opening. This chant is repeated seven times while the congregation continue their dance and chant.

After the seventh chant, the Master claps his hands nine times as a signal for the congregation to gather round. The Guardian brings the Opfer forward.

The Master gives the Opfer a chalice of wine, which he drinks. After this, the Master says to him: 'We greet our honoured guest with a kiss'. He kisses the Opfer, followed by the Mistress and the congregation who kiss the Opfer in turn.

The Mistress then removes the robe of the Opfer and begins to raise his secret fire with her lips, while the Master gestures to the congregation as a sign for them to remove their robes. They then begin to dance again - chanting 'Atazoth', Satanas and/or shouting/laughing/screaming as they whirl faster in ecstasy and frenzy.

As they dance, the Guardian lifts the Priest upon the altar while the Master takes up the S.Knife. The Priestess holds the Opfer in sexual union and visualizes the nexion opening as she draws by movement the secret fire from the Opfer. She then releases him and on this sign the Mistress signals to the congregation who begin an orgiastic rite according to their desires.
The Mistress then touches the crystal with her hands visualizing/intoning the aim/intent of the Calling, ad libitum according to the frenzy/energy generated in the Temple. As she touches the crystal, the Guardian(s) assist the Opfer from the altar and with the Master (who takes the S.Knife and the empty chalice used by the Opfer) leave the Temple and go to a secluded place (which may be the place used by the Opfer during the preparation period).

In this secluded place, the Master vibrates 'Nythra kthunae Atazoth' while the Guardian(s) hold the Opfer. After the vibration, the Master uses the S.Knife, collecting some of the elixir in the chalice. He then returns to the Temple and the Mistress symbolically washes her hands in the red elixir before herself chanting 'Nythra kthunae Atazoth!' Following this, she and the Master chant in fourths the Diabolus, directing the chant towards the crystal.

The Rite is concluded by the Master assisting the Priestess down from the altar. She departs from the Temple, returning with trays of food and wine which she offers to the congregation - then revelry continues until desires are fulfilled. The Priestess herself withdraws after offering the food and drink, as the Master and Mistress do.

After the final Diabolus chant by the Master and Mistress, if an aim/intent is intended, this is visualized/voiced by them according to magickal principles before they depart from the Temple. Should they wish, they may combine this with their own sexual union. Should no intent/aim be desired, the dark forms/energies are left to gather/disperse according to their nature. The Guardian(s) are sworn to secrecy, and after the red elixir is produced, they secrete/bury the empty vessel in a location prepared beforehand.

* * * * * * * * *
II: THE BLACK MASS OF LIFE (The Promethean Office I)

For daily (dawn;dusk) or ad libitum performance either solo or by Priest  and Priestess .

Aperiatur terra, et germinet Vindex

Agios o Vindex
Non usitata nec tenui ferar
Penna biformis per liquidum aethera
Vates, neque in terris morabor
Longius, invidiaque maior
Orbis relinquam

Agios athanatos

Dignum et justum est
Agios o Baphomet
O Oriens splendour lucis aeternae
Et sol justitiae:
Veni et illumina sedentes in tenebris
Et umbra mortis
Agios o Vindex
Rerum Atazoth, tenax vigor
Immotus in te permanens
Lucis diurnae tempora
Successibus determinans:
Qui venturis es in mundum
Atazoth, ne tardaveris

Nocturna lux viantibus
A nocte noctem segregans,
Praeco diei iam sonat
Iubarque solis evocat

Hoc excitatus Lucifer
Solvit polum caligine
Agios o Vindex
Laetus dies hic transeat.
Textual variations - Sunday and Feast days:

A porta inferni Atazoth, in adjutorium.

Aperiatur terra et germinet Vindex
Cras amorum copulatrix inter umbras arborum
Inplicat casas virentes de flagello myrteo:
Cras canoris feriatos ducit in silvis choros;
Cras Gaia jura dicit fulta sublimi throno.
Cras amet qui nunquam amavit quique amavit cras amet.
Cras erit cum primus aether copulavit nuptias:
Tunc cruore de superno spumeo et ponti globo
Caerulas inter catervas inter et bipedes equos,
Fecit undantem Dionem de maritis imbribus.
Cras amet qui nunquam amavit quique amavit cras amet.
Ipsa gemmis purpuantem pingit annum floridis;
Ipsa turgentes papillas de favoni spiritu
Urget in nodos tepentes; ipsa roris lucidi,
Noctis aura quem relinquit, spargit umentes aquas.
Cras amet qui nunquam amavit quique amavit cras amet.
Sunset, special Feast days:

Ad Gaia qui laetificant juventum meam.

Aperiatur terra, et germinet Vindex.
Hraegl min swigad ponne ic hrusan trede
Oppe pa wic buge oppe wado drefe.
Hwilum mec ahebbad ofer haelepa byht
Hyrste mine and peos hea lyft
And mec ponne wide wolcna strengu
Ofer folc byred; fraetwe mine
Swogad hlude and swinsiad
Torhte singed ponne ic getenge ne beom
Flode and foldan, frende gaest.
Berk Odins mjod a Engla bjod!
* * * * * * * * *


III: SYNESTRY: A Sinister Ceremony

Usually an indoor Temple.

Amatrix - in white robes
Priestess - in violet robes flecked with purple
Defensatrix - in black, with face mask
Congregation - black robes

Temple preparations:

The altar is covered with a black cloth on which is woven an inverted seven-pointed star and on this is a large quartz crystal (which may be shaped as a tetrahedron).

A large statue or image (Atus III, IV or XX) of Baphomet according to Sinister tradition is to the left of the altar.

Chalices of wine, temple bell, violet candles and incense of Jupiter (both aspects: ie. Beech and civil).

The Priestess and Amatrix stand before the altar, the Defensatrix by the entrance. The Priestess rings the Temple bell seven times to signify the beginning of the rite at which the congregation precess in to the altar and are greeted by the Amatrix with a kiss. They then form a semi-circle before the altar.

The Ceremony:

The Priestess raises her hands, saying:

Wash your throats with wine
For Sirius returns
And we women are warm and wanton!

(The Amatrix hands her a chalice, which she drinks from, then passes to the congregation. After all have drunk, the Priestess holds the empty chalice upside down, and says:)

Before I WAS, you were sightless:
You looked, but could not see;
Before I WAS, you had no hearing:
You heard sounds, but could not listen.
Before I WAS, you swarmed with men,
But did not enjoy.
I CAME, opened my body and
Brought you lust!

(She opens her robe to reveal her breasts. The Defensatrix comes forward and forces the Amatrix to kneel before the Priestess who says:)

My breasts pleased you
And brought forth joy!

(She bends down, and the Amatrix kisses her nipples. She turns to the congregation, saying:)

I opened myself, and gave you knowledge
And the joy of knowledge was sweet.
Desire and knowledge made you great
And we, together, dared to defy!
We feasted and enjoyed!
We sacrificed, and loved!
But then the bastard came:
Yeshua, the deceiver!

Curse him! We curse him!

So we gather again to give praise to her
Who rules our world.
Agios o Baphomet! Agios o Baphomet!

(The congregation repeat the chant seven times while the Amatrix takes up the crystal which she holds in her outstretched hands. The Priestess places her own hands over the crystal. They and the congregation then chant "Veni, omnipotens aeterne Baphomet!" 21 times, the Defensatrix ringing the Temple bell after each chant until the number is reached.

The Amatrix then takes the crystal round the congregation who lay their hands upon it in turn, each silently saying 'Veni, omnipotens aeterne Baphomet' while the Priestess vibrates/chants aloud "Agios o Baphomet".

The crystal is then returned to the altar by the Amatrix while the Priestess lays on the floor, her Head touching the feet of the Baphomet image. The Amatrix stimulates her to orgasm using her tongue while the congregation dance around them chanting 'Agios o Baphomet'.

The Priestess channels the energy into the crystal and thence out from the Temple to achieve the desired goal. If no external goal is desired, it is stored in the crystal.

Following the climax by the Priestess, the congregation cease their dance and one by one kneel down to kiss the Priestess and then the Amatrix. As each one does this, the Defensatrix whispers to them: "So it is done again according to our ways, bringing strength and joy."
After the kissing, each rises, bows to the Priestess, and departs from the Temple. After all the congregation have departed, the Amatrix leaves, followed by the Defensatrix. A feast follows, outside the Temple.

The Priestess remains in the Temple until she adjudges the times aright to leave. However, if she so wishes, any member of the Temple who so desires and who has informed her beforehand, may join her in the Temple, whatever energy being produced being directed toward the goal, or stored in the crystal.

In both instances, the Priestess is the last to leave - bowing to the image, extinguishing the candles and chanting 'Ponne, diabolus, custodian!' as she leaves.)

1) The ceremony was originally performed each year on the return of Sirius - although it is often performed now at any time, "Sirius" being replaced by another appropriate star (or sometimes 'the Moon').
2) The rite generates sinister magickal energy - which can be directed via the usual means toward a specific aim/goal/undertaking, or into an individual (eg. a novice), or stored in the crystal to await further use, perhaps at another ceremony (eg. 'Sacrifice').

(Daughters of Baphomet)
* * * * * * * * *IV: THE RITE OF THE NINE ANGLES

The rite may be undertaken on either the autumnal equinox (for the Dabih gate) or the winter solstice (for Algol). The Naos rite is suitable for southern climes and will not be given here although in form it is the same as the version given.

Ideally, the rite should be undertaken either:
a) on a hill-top of pre-Cambrian rock which lies between a line of volcanic intrusion and another rock – in Britain, this other rock is ‘Buxton’
b) in an underground cavern where water flows [this applies only to the ‘chthonic’ form]
c) in a glade consecrated beforehand within a circle of nine stones (the first stone being set on a night of the new moon with Saturn rising, the second at the full moon and so on: the first stone marking the point on the horizon where Saturn rises). [Note: this applies only to the ‘natural’ form of the rite.]

Further, the time is right when, for Dabih, Venus sets after the sun, and the moon itself occults Dabih or is near to it; and, for Algol, when Jupiter and Saturn are both near the moon which is becoming new, the time before dawn. These conditions mean that the energies are available to enhance the working.

The rite exists in three versions – the natural form, the chthonic, and the solo. The chthonic form may be combined with the Ceremony of Recalling and the Sacrificial Conclusion undertaken according to Tradition. It must be noted however that this combination is exceedingly dangerous – if done correctly with a) above and with the conditions for Algol as above, it brings back to Earth the Dark Gods themselves by opening the Star Gate between the causal and acausal.

However, the chthonic form may be successful in bringing to presence the Dark Gods without the Sacrificial aspect if the chants are done correctly, the crystal is sufficient in size, and the cosmic tides are aligned aright [note: this usually occurs when an Aeon is (magickally) ending, the energies being more pronounced in the last three decades. At other times the rite can be used to bring about such changes]

The natural form involves a Priest and Priestess [ideally hese should have undertaken the ritual of Internal Adept – or at the very least External Adept] and is basically a drawing to the Earth of acausal energies – these are left to disperse naturally: ie. without any magickal intent.

The chthonic form involves a Priest and a Priestess as well as at least one cantor trained in sinister Esoteric Chant together with a congregation of male and female. This form is either an invokation to the Dark Gods – the energies being dispersed naturally – or a channelling of those energies into a specific event or events or individual. This channelling however requires the skill of at least a Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth.

The solo form involves one individual and the aim is usually the alteration of the consciousness of that individual: this however is very dangerous.

Note: all the above forms require a crystal tetrahedron made of quartz.

I: Natural Form

If possible, the conditions above should be met – if not, conduct the rite on an isolated hill-top at sunset. Both Priest and Priestess should be naked. The rite begins with the Priest vibrating seven times “Nythra kthunae Atazoth” while the Priestess holds the crystal in her hands, palms upward. The vibration should consist of three projected vibrations followed by four resonant ones – all aimed at the crystal which should be at a distance of not less than two feet and not more than three. After the vibrations, the Priest places his hands on the crystal and both vibrate “Binan ath ga wath am” as a projected vibration.
The Priestess, still holding the crystal, then lies with her head North while the Priest arouses her with his tongue, locis muliebribus. The sexual union begins after, and both visualize the Star Gate opening and energy flowing through it down to them. If desired (ie. sinister intent) this energy may be symbolized by Atazoth – a dark nebulous chaos issuing forth from a star strewn Space which changes into a ‘Dagon’ like entity before becoming chaos again. This visualization continues until the sexual climax of the Priestess after which the Priest reaches his own climax. The Priestess then rises and buries the crystal in the earth of the hill [as deep as possible – this may be prepared beforehand – and leaving few traces]. When complete, she vibrates over the place “Aperiatur terra, et germinet Chaos”. They then depart from the hill.

Note: further rituals may take place over the burial, but they must have the same intent and follow the form as above except the vibrations are aimed toward the buried crystal – no further crystal being required.

II: Chthonic Form

If the special conditions cannot be met [(a) and Algol are most effective; (b) and Dabih are generally for channelling into specific events/individuals] then a hill-top containing volcanic quartz is suitable.

The crystal should be placed on an oak stand with a sheet of mica between it and the wood [this enhances still further the effect of the crystal and is a recent modification). The Priest, Priestess and Cantors stand near the crystal, while the congregation (of at least six – three male and three female) form a circle around them. The congregation dance moonwise and according to their desire chant “Atazoth” as they do while the Cantor(s) vibrate in E minor “Nythra kthunae Atazoth”.

After this vibration the cantor and Priest (or two Cantors if there are two) vibrate in fourths the “Diabolus” chant [see set texts] while the Priestess places her hands on the crystal, visualizing the Star Gate opening (as in I).

After the Diabolus, the Priest signals to the congregation who begin an orgiastic rite according to their desires. The Priest and Priestess then vibrate “Binan ath ga wath am” a fifth apart (or an octave and a fifth) while the Cantor(s) vibrate “Atazoth”. If two Cantors are present, this Atazoth vibration begins in parallel: the next “Atazoth” is a fifth apart as is the third. After this, they then chant, in fifths, the ‘Atazoth chant’ according to tradition [see set texts). While the Cantors are chanting the Priest and Priestess continue their visualization.

If only one Cantor is present, the “Atazoth” vibration is continued nine times and then the ‘Atazoth chant’ undertaken by the Cantor and the Priest, in fifths.

The Dark Gods will then be manifest.

[If for some reason (eg. inexperience of the participants) the manifestations do not occur, the Priestess should chant in C major “Nythra kthunae Atazoth” after which the Priest also places his hands on the crystal and he and the Priestess vibrate “Binan ath ga wath am”, the Cantor(s) chanting the Diabolus as before after which the Priest visualizes the energies arising from the orgiastic rite as cohering and then entering the crystal to be then drawn forth into both himself and the Priestess before being sent forth to render asunder the Star Gate]

Notes of this form: * the rite may be enhanced by the use of tabors/drums during the dance and the orgiastic rite, individuals being appointed for this task. * The maximum number of participants should not exceed twenty-one in total.

* Provided rigorous training is undertaken beforehand, the dance and the orgiastic rite can be replaced with the congregation chanting from the start of the rite the “Diabolus” in fifths they continue with this until the Priest signals them to stop (after the Cantors Diabolus chant) after which they chant the ‘Atazoth chant’ in fifths repeatedly until the end of the rite. If this form is done, it is important for the congregation to visualize the Star Gate opening while they chant – and this visualization should be agreed beforehand and be the same as that of the Priestess and Priest. This form of the chthonic rite is however only effective if the congregation has been trained to chant in the correct manner. A suitable cavern/resonant building/Temple may be used in this instance. [Further note: providing the chanting is accurate, the crystal large enough, this form is among the most effective.]

III: Solo Form

This form should be undertaken on either a hill-top or in a Temple/resonant building. It begins at sunset on a night of the new moon with Saturn rising.

The individual should face Saturn and vibrate “Nythra Kthunae Atazoth” seven times while holding the crystal. Then “Binan ath ga wath am” is vibrated followed by the Diabolus chant after which the visualization is begun (as above) [Note: this form involves the ‘Saturnian’ gate and thus the Gate may be visualized near the planet Saturn]. The energy is then visualized as flowing down into the individual, this visualization lasting for at least one quarter of an hour. After, the individual chants the ‘Atazoth chant’, places the crystal on the ground and sits near it, to visualize its interior becoming black and this blackness spreading out to engulf the individual.

Note: This ritual should not be undertaken lightly. There must be a preparedness to exult in the energies. After the rite (the individual will know when it is complete) the crystal should be wrapped in black cloth and stored until required again. Before attempting this form, individuals are advised to seek the guidance of a Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth.

* * * * * * * * *

With Sacrificial Conclusion.

Mistress of Earth – in white robes
Master of the Temple – in black robes
Priestess – in a red rob tied with a white sash
Guardian of the Temple – in a black robe, with a white mask
Priest (‘The Chosen One’/Opfer) – in a white robe
Congregation – in red robes


The night before the ritual the Priestess bakes the consecrated cakes made from wheat, water, egg, honey, animal fat and marijuana.

An hour before the ritual the Priestess and the Guardian lead the Priest to a place where he ritually bathes (if possible this should be a lake or a stream if the ritual is undertaken outdoors) and changes into his robe. The Priestess gives him cakes which he eats.

The congregation wait outside the Temple (or Temple area if outdoors – see notes) and the Guardian leads the Priest toward them. The Priestess blindfolds the Priest and takes him to each member of the congregation who kiss him. He is taken into the temple where the Mistress and Master wait and is followed by the congregation.

The Ritual:

On the altar – red candles and quartz tetrahedron. Incense of Jupiter to be burnt. Chalices of strong wine.

The Master intones (ie. vibrates) three times ‘Agios o Atazoth’ after which the congregation gather round the Priest and chant the ‘Diabolus’ while slowly walking round him anti-clockwise three times.

The Master and the Priestess (or two members of the congregation chosen and trained as Cantors) chant in parallel a fourth apart (or an octave and a fourth) ‘Agios o Baphomet’ while the Guardian lifts the Priest and lays him on the altar.

The Mistress removes the robe of the Priest and anoints him with civit oil. She then removes his blindfold.

When the chant is complete the Priestess stands by the altar while the Mistress stands beside the Master, the congregation beginning to walk slowly anti-clockwise around the altar chanting the Diabolus.

The Priestess and the Mistress remove their robes, the Priestess arousing the fire of the Priest with her lips. When she is satisfied, she signals to the Guardian who lifts the Priest from the altar and forces him to kneel in front of the Priestess.

As the Guardian does this the Master kneels before the Mistress. The Priestess copies the Mistress word for word and action for action, using the Priest. The Mistress places her hands on the Master’s head.

It is the protection and milk
Of your breasts that I seek.

(The Mistress bends down and he suckles her breasts. She then pushes him away, but he kneels before her, saying:)

I put my kisses at your feet.
And kneel before you who crushes
Your enemies and who washes
In a basin full of their blood.
I lift up my eyes to gaze
Upon your beauty of body:
You who are the daughter and a Gate
To our Dark Gods.
I lift up my voice to stand
Before you my sister
And offer my body so that
My mage’s seed may feed
Your virgin flesh

Kiss me and I shall make you
As an eagle to its prey.
Touch me and I shall make you
As a strong sword that severs
And stains my Earth with blood.
Taste me and I shall make you
As a seed of corn which grows
Toward the sun, and never dies.
Plough me and plant me
With your seed and I shall make you
As a Gate that opens to our gods!

(The Master has congress with the Mistress – and the Priest with the Priestess – while the congregation continue with their slow walk and their chant. If the ‘Sacrificial conclusion’ is undertaken  then the ritual is complete with the details under that heading. If this conclusion is not undertaken , then the ritual continues as follows after the Master reaches his highest ecstasy:)

So you have sown and from your seeding
Gifts may come if you obedient heed
These words I speak:

(The congregation cease their dance and listen: they are joined by the
Priestess, Priest and Guardian who form a circle around the Master and Mistress.)

I know you, my children, you are dark
Yet none of you is as dark
Or as deadly
As I.
I know you and the thoughts
Within all your hearts: yet
Not one of you is as hateful
Or as loving as I.
With a glance I can strike
You dead.

(She then goes to each member of the congregation in turn kissing them all on the lips, and removes their robes. She then takes up a chalice of wine and offers it to the person (male or female) of her choice. The person chosen sips the wine, hands the chalice to the Mistress who offers it to each member of the congregation in turn. When all have drunk she says:)

No guilt shall bind you
No thought restrict!
Feast then and enjoy
The ecstasy of this life:
But ever remember
I as the wind that snatches
Your soul!

(The Mistress takes the person she has chosen and indulges herself according to her desire. The congregation consume the consecrated cakes and wine and take their own pleasures according to their desires.

After the festivities have begun in earnest, the Mistress should she so desire, directs the forces of the ritual by concentrating the energies upon the tetrahedron and invoking through a gate, the powers of the Dark Gods into the participants to spread outwards upon the Earth.)

Sacrificial conclusion:

The candidate (who is always male and who ideally should be in his twenty first year on the Summer Solstice chosen for the ritual) is chosen by the Mistress from among the Temple members on the Summer Solstice one year before the ritual will occur.

If the chosen one accepts this honour then he becomes an honoury Priest for the year and is allowed to choose from the members of the Temple a woman to be his Priestess. In a simple ceremony the Mistress seals them in union, dedicating them to the Dark Gods. If by the Winter Solstice the Priestess is not with child, then the Priest may choose another woman to be his Priestess. The child , when born is adopted by the Temple and raised accordingly, being given great honour and , if found suitable, trained to fulfil the role of Mistress or Master.

At the Spring Equinox, the chosen is permitted to give his favour to any one female member of the Temple and should issue result from this, the child is adopted by either the Priestess of the chosen or by the Temple according to the wishes of the Mistress.

After the Spring Equinox, the chosen lives with his Priestess, retiring from all mortal affairs save his duties as Priest to the Temple. He shall also arrange his temporal affairs in readiness for the day of the ritual.

Should the chosen at any time fail to observe his vow by fleeing and hiding from members of the Temple, he shall by all the Temples of the Order and all kindred temples and Orders be placed under a death curse, and the Guardian of his Temple sent to seek him out and terminate without warning his existence. The Guardian shall not rest until this task is complete, and the Mistress may appoint other Guardians as well to assist in this should she so desire.

After the congress between Priest and Priestess, the Guardian places a hood over the head of the Priest, fastens his ankles, binds his wrists while the Master, on a signal from the Mistress completes the sacrifice using the sacred knife, collecting some of the Red Elixir in a chalice. This Elixir is used by the Mistress in the baking of the sacrificial cakes which all the members present will eat during assembly on the night of the next new moon. The cakes consist of wheat, fish, fowl, spring water, egg and salt together with the Red Elixir, animal fat and honey.

After the sacrifice, the guardian removes the body and the Mistress takes up the sacred knife, pointing it at the Master saying:

So you have sown and from your seeding
Gifts may come if you obediant heed
The words I speak.

She then takes the Chalice with the Red Elixir, dips the tip of the sacred knife into it and anoints each member present who have formed a circle around her. The ritual continues as before with the Mistress saying:

I know you my children …

The Guardian takes the body and buries it in a secluded spot prepared beforehand. It is on this place of burial that the Temple gathers on the night of the new moon to eat the sacrificial cakes.

In former times it was sometimes the practice to sever the head of the chosen one and place it in the Temple or the Temple area if outdoors for a day and a night. During this night, initiations would be conducted and the head shown to new Initiates.

Rituals outdoors should be conducted within an (isolated) stone circle during twilight. If the ‘Sacrificial Conclusion’ is undertaken the ritual occurs on the Summer Solstice once every cycle of seventeen years (or nineteen in some traditions).
The one chosen, according to ancient tradition, reaped many benefits in the realm of the acausal (or the lands of the Dark Immortals as it was sometimes called) where that eternal aspect of the individual which initiation into the darker mysteries created was transported after the mortal death to begin on another plane of existence. This belief made willing sacrifice possible.

* * * * * * * * *

I: THE NINE ANGLES - Esoteric Meanings

The name nine angles is, in one fundamental sense, selfdescriptive´: the Tree of Wyrd possesses nine causal angles and nine acausal angles in the causal geometric sense, and these can be represented as formed by the corners or angles of a causal and acausal tetrahedron, one a reflexion of the other, the base lying in the plane of the middle sphere (the sun). This double tetrahedron encloses in three dimensional space the path from the causal to the acausal - the 'initiate journey' from the sphere of the Moon to Saturn via the other spheres, this path being helical (cf. 'The Wheel of Life' in NAOS). The direction of this path is 'counter-clockwise'. In essence, the acausal is a reflexion (and vice versa) of the causal, so the single term 'Nine Angles' describes what is our normal (ie. un-initiated) view of the Septenary, this Septenary being a 'map' of consciousness and the cosmos. The realization of the dual nature of the spheres (for example Mercury is the 'shadow' of Mars) arises from Initiation and is the first stage of an esoteric understanding of the term 'nine angles'.

The term also describes the nine fundamental 'alchemical' forms (represented by the symbols  or  and so on: ie. the pieces of the Star Game). These forms are the basic apprehensions of magickal energy and thus re-present the acausal manifest in the causal (in the many forms of that manifestation - eg. individual consciousness: the images/archetypes pertaining thereto). Hence each of these symbols is an 'angle' re the above description of the septenary Tree. These nine fundamental forms (the abstract symbolism is a stage of understanding beyond the purely causal geometric one) exist in many combinations within the nexion which the Tree of Wyrd represents - and these combinations are abstractly symbolized by the placement of the many pieces of the Star Game over the seven boards ('spheres') of that game. (Note: the advanced form of the Star Game is the most complete representation, but for convenience the septenary form will be used here. It should be noted, however, that the septenary form - difficult though it is for initiates - serves only as an introduction to the advanced game.) This abstraction, in terms of the Star Game, makes the forms understandable on a level higher than that of using words and ideas - this understanding is a new form of thinking, a form appropriate to the next century and beyond. Such an understanding arises from playing the Star Game and relating the abstract symbols to conventional representations (eg. archetypal forms; the energies of the pathways; the symbolism of the Tarot and the many and various occult symbolisms) - this develops the capacity for what may be termed 'acausal thinking': when the conventional representations are abandoned and collocations are viewed abstractly. This 'abstraction' is however a new 'insight' (a lower form of which is often described as 'intuition') and not a dry, academic process: it extends consciousness into new and important realms and pre-figures the development of a symbolic language which eliminates the confusion, both moral and linguistic which exists in words and the translation of complex ideas into such words. It is 'mathesis' in the ancient Greek sense and while not being what we understand as 'mathematics' it complements mathematical absraction and indeed interacts with it in some places. For example, the causal within the acausal can be represented by the tensor where  is the causal component and  the acausal one. For an  system (Euclidean space)  has nine non-zero components. These are the symmetric components of  : the skew-symmetrical being acausal. In this sense, the nine form 'sub-spaces' of the causal and the tensor 'describes' the nexion causal/acausal. It is possible to write an equation involving the tensor which describes the multi-dimensional space, the boundary conditions of which give, for example, the metrics of each form of 'spacetime' (causal and acausal).

Essentially, the symbolism is a new tool to assist and develop our understanding, and it is via this symbolism that the meanings of the nine angles may most easily be understood without confusion.

On a less refined esoteric level (ie. in more 'conventional' esoteric terms) the nine angles symbolize the sigil formed by connecting the spheres of the Tree of Wyrd with the two most important 'Gates' (see illustration). This sigil describes the energy flow and may be used, magickally in several ways - for example as a visualization 'sigil' (in hermetic rituals etc.) as a symbol of the path walked during certain rites (some connected with esoteric chant - qv. NAOS) and when an 'Earth Gate' is being sought with a view to drawing acausal energy through it to change the causal (eg. inaugurate a new aeon).

The nine also represents the tetrahedron (for example, the crystal one used in the Rite of the Nine Angles) which is itself symbolic of the nexion described by the Tree of Wyrd. Thus, for instance, in the Nine Angles Rite, the crystal represents one aspect of the nexion, the Priest and Priestess the other: together (ie. the bringing together in the ritual) they enable the nexion to be opened. In this sense, the Priest and Priestess (when conjoined) form a tetrahedron which, joined with the crystal one, enables acausal energy to become manifest in the causal (the 'world') - this is the secret hinted at in many historical alchemical MSS (for example the 'Rosarium Philosophorum':

"Make a round circle of the man and woman ...") and occasionally depicted in drawings. This 'double tetrahedron' is a magickal form of the double described above in the first paragraph (the causal geometric one).

In some 'esoteric' circles the nine is seen in terms of the five, the five itself deriving from the five angles of the inverted pentagram. This is, however, a misunderstanding, deriving as it does from viewing the 'angles' two-dimensionally when in fact they should be considered in a three dimensional way, at first, and then four-dimensionally (the helical path within the tetrahedrons). This four-dimensional view is in itself only a beginning - beyond is the multi-dimensional when both the causal and the acausal spaces are considered. One means to apprehend this duality is the Star Game (qv. NAOS).

II: THE SECRETS OF THE NINE ANGLESThe diagrams show how the basic nine angles relate to the
inverted pentagram. Thus,  is the first sphere, the Moon,  the second sphere, Mercury, and so on.

The diagrams signify the order of working in order to create types of magickal energy - that is, they are rites of invokation. Thus, the inverted pentagram shows how magickal energy can be created (or rather drawn from the acausal) - the type depending on where the process is begun. For example, to Invoke 'Satanic' energies, the  point would be the starting one, going on to the next,  , and then ~ and so on. The diagrams refer to the chants (given in NAOS and elsewhere) which when sung correctly open the gate or nexion (to the acausal) located at/represented by the specific point or sphere shown. Thus,  means the use of the 'Agios Lucifer' chant (mode IV);  means the use of the Agios Baphomet (mode I) and so on. For a ritual, the chants are undertaken in order.

The 'symbol of the nine' shown below the inverted pentagram is only one form of the many possible by joining the seven spheres of the septenary and the 'gates' - as shown, the invocation begins with the Moon sphere and ends with the Saturn sphere (and thus the Agios Vindex chant). Each symbol of nine represents a particular type of energy - for example, to open an 'Earth' gate, the sequence would end with the Earth Gate (ie. the Jupiter sphere); while to open a Star Gate it would end with that gate - on the diagram.
A simpler form of invocation is possible , and involves not the complete chants, but simply the "word or name" associated with the particular sphere (according to the septenary tradition). Thus, the Moon sphere would involve the vibration of "Nox", the Mercury sphere "Satan" and so on (qv. the correspondences in NAOS).



The Approach Of The Dark Gods

The Seven Spheres of the Septenary represent Gates, and each Gate expresses an aspect of what is represented by the abstract symbol “Time”. In one sense, these Gates join our physical world to those realms created by the evolution of consciousness itself. These realms can be viewed in two ways – firstly, as convenient abstraction, bounded by acausal time, and whose most fundamental forms are what Jung called ‘archetypes’, and, secondly, as having an actual existence, either extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional. In the first instance, the realms are considered as products of the mind – real enough on their own level, but without any existence that can be scientifically ascertained. In this sense, they are psychological. In the second instance, the realms are considered to have an actual physical existence, and various models for such existence have been proposed. This other realm, approachable through Gates, will be simply called the ‘acausal’ realm for the sake of convenience, and although it helps to consider the acausal in the psychological sense, each initiate must arrive at their own mode of explication, using the faculty of Thought.

Each Gate that joins these two realms (that is, the causal and the acausal) when it is opened signifies a New Aeon and a consequent increase in human consciousness. According to tradition, each Gate is linked to a specific place or location and it is through this location (which may be considered a channel for the forces involved) that the magical form of the particular Aeon in question is most obviously expressed.screen3

The teaching of the Order of the Nine Angles accepts that all previous Gates had terrestrial counterparts (for example, the centre of the Hyperborean Aeon was the area around Stonehenge; that of Hellinic, Delphi.) and that the opening of these Gates was the result of the natural evolution of consciousness rather than something consciously planned. That is, one may think of the Gates being opened, in the symbolic sense, by Gaia, the Earth Mother. Our consciousness that is, our ability to consciously reflect, to question Being, is the result of this process, and in the past this process was understood by the use of myth. Each of the previous five Gates (that is, from the Pre-Hyperborean to the Western) derived their power from the Earth and its energies (although according to one tradition the first Gate was opened due to the interference of alien life-forms [discussed later]) and it is important to understand that there existed no “Golden Age” in the remote past from which there was a subsequent fall. Each Aeon drew its magical inspiration from a natural force which was symbolized and which gave rise to the powerful archetypes and myths and which became the ethos of a particular higher civilisation. At the geographical location of a particular Gate, the force was revered, and it is vital to realize that this religious reverence was only partly conscious: its origin was an empathy with Gaia and this empathy was partially understood (i.e. consciously) through symbols and myth. Inevitably this empathy became obscured by dogma, ritual and elaborate myths until the centre itself became magically exhausted, and another Aeon dawned. Some centres however, like Stonehenge, still retain an aura of power, but nothing like that which once existed. This gradual exhaustion of the Aeonic force – and the consequent decline of the civilizations associated with it – is a natural process which may be likened to the depletion of a battery under electrical load.

The last Aeon, the Western whose center is in Northern Europe, is drawing to a close as its energies fade. The next Aeon, however, has as its centre not our Earth, but a location in space and until this centre is reached, the new Aeon will not be possible. However, the Old Aeon has some 350 years still left to run, and during this period, the energies of the New Aeon will become more and more obvious as they seep around the Gate, brought in part by deliberate Ritual by small groups of Adepts. Hitherto, the seeking or Aeonic centres has been mostly instinctive, but we have now reached the stage in our evolution when we can consciously decide our own Destiny. In a sense, we have, due to the opening of the previous Gates, passed a threshold, and henceforward little is certain because our possession of reflective, logical and scientific consciousness, represents a new and complex variable in the equation that governs Aeonic forces. Already, for instance, as the Old Aeon dies, small groups of Adepts, still cling to an inverted aspect of their Aeon, are trying through ritual to change our evolution in accord with certain ‘prophecies’ over two thousand years old. These adepts hope to establish a terrestrial centre not many hundreds of miles from the centre associated with the Sumerian centre, and tied as they are to the illusion of opposites that has been such a fundamental (and detrimental) feature of Nazarene belief, their success will mean a significant step backwards in the evolution of consciousness.

In the evolutionary sense, the next Gate is and must be extra-terrestrial and the force beyond this Gate may be signified in two ways. Practically, the force will be represented by the physical exploration of outer space through vehicles such as spacecraft; magically, the force is represented by the mythos of the Dark Gods since, in essence, this magical force is chaos itself. It is beyond opposites – a return to the primal chaos, which the previous succession has covered up through ritual, word and even symbol. Misunderstood – that is, seen from the perspective of the Old Aeon – this represents the intrusion into our world, from other dimensions, of the darkest of dark forces, a return, according to the tradition mentioned earlier, of those alien forms who came to Earth Aeons ago at the dawn of man’s consciousness.

In short, the New Aeon signifies a calling forth of the Dark Gods through the Rite of the Nine Angles. This Rite is very simple, and has as its basis what Old Aeon qabbalistic thinking signified by the word ‘LAShTAL’ – but the Rite itself is a conjoining, a drawing down, through pure Thought, that is devoid of word because the two fundamental aspects (of which 156 is one) hitherto apart and drawn together through Destiny (‘wyrd’) are, in themselves by their very existence, Keys. In a more symbolic way, and viewed through the distortion of opposites which is such a feature of the Old Aeon, one aspect of this Rite is represented by the Qlippoth of the 17th path of the qabbalistic Tree of Life

According to the tradition mentioned earlier, the first Gate was opened by the arrival on Earth of aliens. These aliens were, in themselves, without recognizable form and were capable of assuming various shapes, including human form. Legend knows of them as the ‘shape-changers’, and the demon Choronzon, as well as Lovecraft’s Yog-Sothoth, are said to be primitive memories of them. These beings of chaos did not stay long on Earth, because Earth was for them only a temporary staging post in their flight, pursued, as tradition says, as they were by another life-form, humanoid in appearance. This other life-form depended on external means of transportation to take them among the stars, and in legend they are known as the Elder Gods. Some kind of confrontation between these two types of aliens occurred on or above our planet, traces of this conflict survive in myth and legend as the battle between Agarthi and Shambhala and it is said that the humanoid species originated in the region of space near the star Sirius.

The shape-changers, for reasons of their own, interfered somehow with our evolution (according to one legend by giving us dreams) although it could be that just contact with such aliens was sufficient for this to occur among small and isolated groups of primitive man. It is held that the Elder Gods or Sirians were basically opposed to any contact with primitive species, and according to one tradition shamanism resulted from primitive man’s attempt to imitate the behaviour of the shape-changers. Both of these alien life-forms departed from Earth, and conscious evolution thereafter, spurred on by the original breakthrough, increased exponentially.

This tradition may be regarded as having, like some myth, a basis in fact, or it may be regarded simply as a mythos, that is a means, soon discarded, to greater insight into one’s self. To establish its factual basis would take the discovery of factual evidence, unassailable in its interpretation, and while some evidence for this tradition has been proposed at various times none of it is conclusive, and the tradition remains just a tradition, to be believed or not, according to one’s way of thinking.


Order of Nine Angles

Camlad Nexion
1974 ev

The Dark Gods

According to sinister tradition, the Dark Gods are actual entities which exist in the acausal universe. According to our spatial, causal, perception, these beings may be regarded as “timeless” and “chaotic” (and also terrifying not mention “immoral”).

Since our consciousness is by its nature partly acausal, these entities may become manifest for us – or rather may be partly perceived by us – if we possess the keys to reach the appropriate levels of consciousness. What is termed The Abyss (on the Tree of Life/Tree of Wyrd) separates our ordinary, everyday, causal consciousness from the consciousness (and thus apprehension) of the Dark Gods. The ordeal of the Abyss involves confronting these entities, and accepting them for what they are: that is, unbound by our illusion of opposites and the alleged conflict between “good and evil”.

While it is convenient to regard the dark Gods are merely symbols that re-present the energies of the acausal – as a projection of our own consciousness upon Chaos itself – it is equally possible to regard them as physically existing in themselves. Which of these (or neither of them) is correct, the Adept discovers during the ordeal of the Abyss. Legend, however, recalls the Dark Gods as visiting our planet several times in the past, by passing through one of the many “Star gates”.

Star Gates are regions in (causal) space-time where our causal universe and the universe, or realm, of the acausal are joined: they are physical gates, or nexions, and passage from one universe to another is possible through them.

According to legend, Star gates exist near the stars Dabih, Naos and Algol: that is, if you journeyed from Earth in the direction of one of these stars you would pass through, or near to, a Star Gate. There are also stories of a Star Gate within our own Solar System: the Gate through which the Dark Gods came to Earth. This Star Gate is believed to be near the planet Saturn. promo_4705444

Sometimes, the Abyss invades our dreams, but mostly the Abyss is reached by following the Seven-Fold Sinister Way. It lies – on the Tree of Wyrd – between the spheres of the Sun and Mars, and divides the Adept from the Master/Mistress. In one sense, the Abyss is the gate, the nexion, to the gods within us, and beyond us, just as the Sinister Way is a means to access and increase the acausal that is presenced both within us, as individuals, and on Earth.

According to Sinister tradition, it is possible to “open a nexion to the Dark Gods” by certain sinister rites. Some of these rites involve such things as esoteric chant (q.v. Naos) combined with a large, clear, pure quartz tetrahedron, while others involve ceremonies of blasphemy, excess and human sacrifice.

Anton Long


Ordeals plays an important part of the Acception. It is a lesson and a rite. It requires physical action and experience, and through this a certain amount of wisdom is gained. To know something because one has read it or was taught it is far more different that to have experienced it and realized it. Wisdom only comes from experience.

All initiates must do the Extreme Ordeal as part of their training and progress to adepthood in Hardcore Satanism.

The initiate must first live his or her life for 3-6 months as a Christian or Muslim and or a conservative. The initiate must during this time attend the proper meeting places, read the proper books, make the proper friends, and convince him or herself that what is being experienced is the truth and only way. During this period he must follow to the letter the religious or moral laws of the extreme state chosen. Life must be as inhibited as possible. No one around him must know that what is being done is just an ordeal of experience. Write down your experience and emotional state throughout the period for future reference.

Once the time period is over the initiate must swing to the other side of the spectrum to experience life in the other far extreme. Extreme Satanism, excessive indulgence, crime, drugs… the initiate must go out into the real world and just do things to see if he or she can just get away with them. This is experienced for 3-6 months. Write down your experience and emotional state for future examination.

When this time period is over the initiate must honestly ask him or herself if true happiness was found in either extremes, if these two extremes were a struggle to keep up, and what fruits their actions gave birth to.

Now, the initiate must let go, become aware of the moment, and find the center, where equilibrium exists. Like water being tossed from one extreme to the other, having remained still, levels and finds its natural state of equilibrium, the initiate must also “be on the level.”

The state of being on the level is nature’s path of least resistance, where the least amount of energy is exerted. All things in nature exists in this state. Even energy seeks to gradually find its most lowest gradient. Planets and suns are spherical and not cubes because of this same reason. DNA twirls around itself, like filaments of plasma does because of this reason. Animals and trees exists in this leveled state, going with the flow of nature. Once the initiate has experienced the opposite extremes, and realizes there is a natural middle state, the initiate is considered enlightened in regards to a certain law in nature. This enlightenment is called The Anointing. This Anointing will heal him from the sickness of mind or illusion that either extreme was natural. If the essence of Satanism is the Law of Nature, then neither extreme points of the spectrum is Satanic.

It is only when the initiate becomes leveled and finds his state of equilibrium, will he begin to realize and be reconnected with Creation, and be in harmony with nature.

The initiate must understand that this lesson cannot be taught through letters or by words. It is a lesson which is learned from direct experience. And the lesson is as much a part of our Way as any written aspect of our Way.

As we have stated earlier, we must use every tool at our disposal to aid in our personal progression to adepthood. Ordeals are an integral part of our system.


This Rite is preformed twice a year by all WSA members. Once on June 24th and once on December 24th. The Rite is held at night by candle and moon light. Standard ritual opening is used as given in the Satanic Bible. Bon fires may be used, and animal skin in winter.

This is the central rite of the Acception, much like the Holy Mass is to the Catholic Church. The Acception sees no valuable purpose in satanic black masses. These may be preformed by individual members; but they have no official place within the Acception. The entities named here are symbolic, and represents forces of nature and the darkness of the human mind.

Master is in red. Priestess is blue. Altar Priestess lays at the center with her legs spread at a 90 degree angle. A large crystal rests on her chest between her breasts. Bottles of “Verdine” is placed on the Altar. Verdine is a drink specifically made for this Rite. The Verdine is prepared before the time of the rite. Verdine is made thus: a strong base liquor is used such as vodka. Yohimbe, is placed into the liquor with cannabis sativa. This is let to sit for several months.

Master raises his hands in the Sign of the Triangle (~ST): “Let us do honor to Azathoth, without whose laughter this world would not be.”

Participants makes the Sing of the Acception (~SA) with both hands: “Honor to Azathoth, without whose laughter this world should not be.”05-master-atazoth

Priestess (~ST): “All pervasive Azathoth, who is the Darkness beneath Man’s Mind. We honor you as the acausal force of Chaos.”

Master (~SA): “Azathoth, great center of the cosmos, let thy flute sing unto us, lulling us against the terror of thy domain. Thy merriment sustains our fears, and we rejoice in this world of horrors in thy name.”

Participants (~SA): “Honor to Azathoth, without whose laughter this world of horrors should not be.”

Priestess lowers her head, gives (~SA), and then the sign of the horns. Participants do the same. Everyone says: “Sama Sambuddh.”

Master and his assistants passes Verdine around to participants.

Master (~ST): “Let us do honor to Yug-Sothoth, without whose sign we ourselves should not be.”

Participants (~SA): “Honor to Yug-Sothoth, without whose sign we ourselves should not be.”

Priestess (~ST): “Through Yug-Sothoth, Gate of the Abyss, Azathoth takes form. He who is the Mind that beholds the light and gives Chaos form. Ordo Ab Chao; Agios O Yug-Sothoth.”

Participants (~SA): “Ordo Ab Chao; Agios O Yug-Sothoth!”

Master (~ST): “Yug-Sothoth Master of dimensions, through thy will are we set upon the world of horrors. Faceless One, guide us through the night of thy creation, that we may behold the Bond of the Angles and the promise of thy will.”

Participant (~SA): “Honor to Yug-Sothoth, without whose sign we ourselves should not be.”

Priestess (~SA). She opens both arms out sharply away from her body. participants do the same. Everyone says: “Agios O AOMA.”

Master and assistants passes verdine around the nexus.

Priestess (~ST): “The Dark Gods are, the Dark Gods were, and the Dark Gods shall be again. They came, and we are here. They sleep and we watch for them. They shall sleep, and we shall die, but we shall return through them. We are their dreams, and they shall awaken. hail to the ancient dream!”

Master (~ST), and the (~SA): “All hail the ancient dream! Fanya Esi Kunya!”

Participants follow the Master and says: “Hail to the ancient dream. Fanya Esi Kunya.”

Master & Preistess (~ST): “We now call to the unsleeping one, the black herald, Nyarlathotep, who assureth the bond between the living and the dead.”

Participants (~ST): “Hail Nyarlathotep.”

Master & Priestess (~ST): “Hail oh Dark One, who riseth the wind of the Abyss and cryeth the night gaunts between the living and the dead, send to us the Ancient Ones of the world of horrors, whose word we honor to the end of the deathless sleep. We each call forth the Ancient Ones, who lurks deep beneath the unfathomable collective promordial psyche of Mankind; each a live Temple of the Dark Gods. Ride, Oh Ancient Ones the pulsing stream of our blood and live carnal existence once more through your children!”

Master passes verdine around the nexus.

All (~ST): “Through Nyarlathotep the Ancient Ones come to dwell in their Temples of flesh once more.”

All closes eyes and walks in a circle around the Altar while chanting out loud the Call:
“Zodacare eca od zodameranu reyogozodionu.” This is done three times.

Master & Priestess (~ST): “hail to thee, black prince from the grotto whose charge we bear. Hail to the and to thy fathers, within whose fane thou laughs and screams in terror and merriment, in fear and in ecstacy, in loneliness and in anger, upon the whim of thy will. Lead us back, we, thy children, to the age of primal innocence, before we fell from from feral beasts to slaves of moral wrong and right.”

All (~ST): “Hail Nyarlathotep! Lead us back, we, thy children, to the age of primal innocence before we fell from feral beasts to slaves of moral wrong and right! Zodacare eca od zodameranu reyogzodionu!”

Master & Priestess raises hands in the Sign of Saturn: “In thy name let us behold and honor the Father. Let the Ancient Ones who reigneth upon the world of horror come once more to speak with us, and taste again the pleasures and fruits of flesh and carnal existence, for we would again strengthen the Bond that liveth within the Angles of the Path of the Left.”

Here the frenzy of the Calling begins. The preistess climbs ontop of the Altar Priestess and both begin to have sex with eyes closed while the master holds the Sing of the Triangle and chants: “Zodacare eca od zodameranu reyogozodionu…” Over and over.

The participants chant the same over and over with eyes closed visualizing dark nebulous clouds entering their bodies. Everyone walks in a circle slowly sun-wise repeating the chant around the Altar and Priestess. This should gradually increase in speed. At this point the eyes may be open, when everyone feels the urge to walk faster or dance. The participants must allow themselves to let go and go with the flow of the frenzy building up. Everyone must allow themselves to take on the mind and form of the Ancient Ones as wild, feral beasts and forces of nature. They must visualize their flesh transforming into those wild forms and go on all fours if the dark forces wills it.

The Altar Priestess should climax first, then the Master commences sex with the Priestess. The Participants must allow themselves to dance or scream or whatever urge takes them over. The circular dance should become faster. They walk and dance faster and faster, imagining the sky above opening and energy flowing down into them while chanting, shouting louder and louder. They must let this vital energy possess them and dance, or move freely, run, leap, as the dark forces wills. Robes are caste off until all are naked. The Altar Priestess enters the circle to sexually stimulate the participants and the Saturnalia begins. Everyone must strive to let go of thoughts, reason, inhibitions, and just allow the raw natural animalistic forces of lust and sexual desire control their bodies. At the height of the Frenzy all engage in a cathartic group sexual offering. There must be no limits, no taboos, no holds, as the Ancient One’s revel in carnal pleasure once more.

When all have climaxed, the Altar Priestess returns to her position. Participants looks at the Master and priestess.

Master (~SA): “Let this night and the aching ecstasy of carnal existence be a sacrifice to the Goat of a Thousand Young, Agios O Baphomet. And let the children of the Nine Angles pay now homage and honor to Mother Shub Niggurat!”

Participants: “Agios O Baphomet! Hail Shub Niggurat!”

Master (~SA): “Hail Shub Niggurat, Mother of the World of Horrors. Hail Mother of the hornless ones. Hail Ram of the Sun and deathless ones. Who sleepest not while we honor thy name and thy Bond!”

All (~SA): “Hail Shub Niggurat, remember us thy feral children in this world of horrors! Agios O Baphomet!

Master (~SA): “Hail Mother! Hail Baphomet!”

All (~SA): “Hail Mother! Hail Baphomet!”

Priestess as Shub Niggurat. She is nude, with a head dress of a Goat. In her right hand she holds the Square, In her left she holds the compass.

Shub Niggurat: “I am that I am. Through the Angles I speak with the hornless ones, and I pledge a new the Bond of the daemons. Through whose will this world is come to be. let us speak the Bond of the Nine Angles!”

All (~SA): “Hail Mother, Queen of the Angles, Matrix of the world of horror. We speak the Bond of the Nine Angles to the honor of the flutes of the laughing one, the master of dimensions, the herald of the barrier, and the Goat of a Thousand Young, whose way is the law of nature.”

All (~SA): “From the First Angle is the infinite wherein the laughing one doth cry and the flutes wail unto the end of time. We bind ourselves to each other and the Angles, AOMA!”

All (~SA): “From the Second Angle is the master who doth cry the planes and the angles, and who hath conceived the world of horrors in its terror and glory. We Bind ourselves to each other and the Angles, AOMA.”

All (~SA): “From the Third Angle is the messenger, who hath created thy power to behold the master of the world of horrors who giveth to thee substance of being, and knowledge of the Nine Angles. We bind ourselves to each other and the Angles, AOMA.”

All (~SA): “From the Fourth Angle is the Ram of the Sun, born from the eye of the crying one, from whose infernal womb the stars and galaxies were born. Who Brought thy selves to be as creatures of flesh, who endureth upon the world of horrors and proclaimeth the time that was, the time that is, ad the time that shall be; and whose name is the Brilliance of the Nine Angles.” We Bind ourselves to each other and to you, Agios O Baphomet, AOMA.”

All (~SA): “From the Fifth Angle are the hornless ones, we, the feral children of the First Sun, who raised the Temple of the Five trihedrons in the North unto the Dark Gods of creations when Saturn reigned and was bright; whose seal is at once four and five and nine. We Bind ourselves to the Angles, AOMA.”

All (~SA): “From the Sixth Angles are the Dark Gods, who came from the central light; out of Dabih; to the Western plane of the orbs, to revel and play in this world of stone. Who caused the hornless ones to be out of their light, and left us as a reminder that they were once here. Who returned from whence they came to sleep and their dreams animates the flesh of the hornless ones. Who sleep in symmetry, which doth vanquish the five but shall not prevail against the four and the nine. We Bind ourselves to each other and the Angles, AOMA.”

All (~SA): “From the Seventh Angle is the ruin of symmetry and the awakening of the Dark Ones, and when their eyes shall open, the hornless ones shall behold the center, for the four and the nine shall prevail against the six. We Bind Ourselves to each other and to the Angles, AOMA.”

All (~SA): “From the Eighth Angle are the masters of the realm, who raised a Temple of the eight trihedrons unto the Dark Gods of Creation, whose time shall come, who shall behold the Center through the Dark Gods, and travel towards their Mother, and shall rule the stars; whose seal is at once four and five and nine. We Bind ourselves to each other and to the Angles, AOMA.”

All (~SA): “From the Nineth Angle is the Flame of the Beginning and Ending of illusions, which blazeth in infernal brilliance as a flaming octopus, whose tentacles stretcheth out to the plane of the orbs to give life, whose tentacles giveth birth to stars like beads of morning dew on a web, who calls for Her Lost Ones to awaken and remember. We Bind ourselves to each other and to the Angles, AOMA!”

Shub Niggurat (~SA): “I pledge the Bond of the Angles, through whose will this world hath came to be. Awaken and reach always upwards for the stars, towards the center, and take hold of your destiny.”

All makes Sign of the Horns: “We honor the Bond of Nine Angles upon this world of horrors. Hail Baphomet! Honor unto Shub Niggurat!”

Shub Niggurat, hold up the Square and Compass high: “Hail to the hornless ones! Remember the Days of Saturn, Rebuild it once more!”

All makes the Sign of the Horns: “Hail to Shub Niggurat, Mother of the world of horrors, for thee is rebuild the Temple of Saturn!”

Shub Niggurat: “Let the hornless ones remember the days when Saturn ruled high, when they were innocent, when they knew me. Come to me, and lose yourselves in me, as I have lost myself in you. Always reach for the stars and grab hold of your destiny. Unto the beginning and the ending of illusions!”

All (Horns): “Hail Shub Niggurat! Unto the beginning and the ending of illusions!”

Shub Niggurat leaves, and the Preistess takes her place.

Master: “The gaunts are loose upon the world, and we shall not pass, but the time shall come when the gaunts will bow before us, and man shall speak with the tongues of the hornless ones. The way is Yug-Sothoth, the key is Nyarlathotep, and the gate are the Nine Angles. Hail Yug-Sothoth! Hail Nyarlathotep! Hail Shub Niggurat, Mother of the world of horrors! Hail Satan, symbol of the feral hornless ones!”

All (~SA): “Hail Yug-Sothoth! Hail Nyarlathotep! Hail Shub Niggurat! Hail Satan!”

The Rite must always end with a quite relaxing feast of fellowship. each brother and sister revels and bathes in the feeling of closeness of the Bond, and ponders on the meaning of the Rite. The crystal is buries by the Priestess at the site of the ritual by the root of a tree. Gifts of flowers, candles, or whatever are left around the tree.