nmiv01p02_08tnThose within the O9A and its affiliated Nexions seem to be categorized as urban – those who seek to progress the traditional Satanism of the O9A (no pun intended, of course) and the rural – who seek to keep the old ways; if it is fully functional, operational, and ideal then do not attempt to progress or improve upon it. 

Of course, it’s all a matter of perception and no one person’s belief is synonymous with “truth.” That is the beauty of Satanism. Thoughts and ideas are exchanged and that which can be utilized is held and what cannot  is cast away. We must think “without forms,” which  is a Satanic prerequisite as well as thinking abstractly.

locations1Yet, nature is the Great Law. It’s law is our law.” Wouldn’t the ruralists be closer to nature than the profane urbanites? The urbanites who claim science, the given faculty of reason, logic, and understanding. The O9A, whether urban or rural, are indeed the true wolves who are Satanic in not only word, but especially in deeds and action. Real world experiences that culminate into ones Satanism. The means in which the end is what is known in Nietzschean terms as the Ubermensch, the evolution of the self. That which could never be accomplished through study of O9A MSS alone, but through ordeal, through experiencing.

To have ample knowledge of Nature and Science is Undefiled Wisdom, to understand its Magick and Glamour is to Presence the Dark which exists in the acausal. And the Darkness which is latent and possibly dormant  within  each and every one of us. Darkness which is beyond our limited scope of comprehension, that which is limited to the causal.

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